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Mother’s Day and Being a Parent

Mother’s Day and Being a Parent

In case you missed it, Sunday was Mother’s Day. And I got to spend it with my Margot and a cherished friend doing my favorite things: going to church, eating sushi and going to the movies. While there was nothing spectacularly unique about this—Margot and I spend a LOT of time together anyway—there was something about the day that was precious.

As we walked out the door to go to church (M & I don’t go to the same church usually), she presented me with her present: earrings and an owl necklace. I immediately took my jewelry off and replaced it with what she gave me. “You don’t have to do that, Mom.” Uh, yeah, I do. I also needed to put my arm around her at church, tend to her at lunch (her chicken was awful) and make sure she had the snacks she wanted at the movie.  I also showed off my jewelry treasures to anyone caught looking my way.

I love having her with me. I love having her attention. And I love being her mom. Read that again, not just a mom, her mom.

She is spectacular in every way. I have known her since she was inside me and she still captivates me.

She’s also a serious pain in the ass sometimes but she comes by it honestly. Even in her PIA moments, I still rejoice that she is mine. I see her in the sense of a lifetime, not just the immediate moment, if that makes sense. When she catches the eye of a baby at the next table, it makes me smile in the now but also because I know someday she will have her own babies. Or when we’re filling out a job application at a salon she wants to work at, I don’t just love the idea that she wants my help in the process, I love the idea of her life being filled with a career she will love.

As I was contemplating this, I was gently reminded that God is exactly the same way. I may over stress this in my blogs, but I think it’s a deep truth: if we as broken people can love our children like we do, how much more God?! As part of being made in His image, I think our experiences as parents (as well as friends, spouses, children) can give us a deeper understanding of His heart if we actually take the time to see it.

So as I contemplate the fabulousness of my beautiful daughter, I am reminded that there is One who finds me just as fabulous—even in my PIA moments. And I am thankful for Him.