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Shape-Ups, Shari and Other Universal Truths


It’s a Free For All Friday. That means that I will blog about whatever you want and this, kids, is what you chose:

The Truth about Shape-Ups

Deanna (one of my dear ones) is irritated that people are suing the makers of Shape-Ups—to the tune of $40 million dollars—for “not working” like they promised they would. To quote Deanna, “I think you should blog about how we, the general population, need to stop believing EVERYTHING we see on TV!”

True dat, as the kids say.

We are so drawn to the “easy fix” aren’t we? While I’d love to blame the TV, truth is, we’ve wanted to get things without actually working at it since the garden. And I say this as someone who worked in the Ad world for almost 10 years: we know how to pull the flesh strings. We have 17 year old girls selling you bras and wrinkle cream and clothes. We show you 55 year old men who need Viagra dating a hottie 20 years their junior after they take the little blue pill. We show you size-1 supermodels eating a Hardees’ burger on a muscle car. We show your kids that life is so much more fun with the latest fill-in-the-blank toy or candy or snack.

The truth is our flesh desperately wants Shape-Ups to make us thin and beautiful, for Viagra to give us meaningful, fulfilling relationships and candy to bring us joy. And ironically, our flesh resists the one “quick fix” that can actually work in our lives: Jesus.

Don’t you roll your eyes at me.

You tell me one other offer you have ever gotten that gives you everything it promised and costs you nothing?

Jesus is the Shape-Up of the Soul.

The Truth about Shari

Oh, friends, if you only knew the awesomeness that is Sharideth Smith. She is one of my oldest friends, fiercely loves her Jesus, husband, kids, and a whole lot of crazy musicians who wander in and out of her family’s life. I would have never come into a true relationship with Christ if it weren’t for her.

And you know how this Christian powerhouse did it? Evangelism? Reciting the Roman Road?  Telling me how my long list of sins was going to send me to Hell if I didn’t hop on the Jesus train?


She simply loved me after my high school boyfriend broke up with me and my 19 year old world crumbled around me. She let me be her constant companion and took me to church and college group and let me talk over and over and over about He Should Not Be Named. She loved me. ME, the broken, pathetic me and it was there in that love and friendship that I was finally still long enough to hear the wooing words of my Savior.

I am a jewel in Shari’s crown. And I love her more than my luggage.

You can learn more about her awesomeness here: A Woman’s Guide to Women: A Blog For Men.

Other Universal Truths

  • Jesus loves you, so stop playing so hard to get.
  • It’s not the pants that make your butt look big, it’s your butt. (You can thank my son for that one.)
  • Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback. Ever.
  • Ranch dressing makes everything taste better.
  • Oh, and “the kids” are NOT saying, “Tru dat” anymore.