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My iPhone & The Pearl of Great Price

My iPhone & The Pearl of Great Price

I have an iPhone. Yay. My friends of the Mac way are shocked when they hear this because I never use it. I use if for work calls and that’s it. I’ve gotten 6 texts on it and 2 of those were wrong numbers. A guy named Chaz is still waiting for me to “hit him up 4 Friday”, bless his heart.

Now, I’ll be honest I kinda brag that I don’t use my iPhone. As a PC girl and overall brat, this shouldn’t really surprise anyone. I’m resistant to this phone because it intimidates me and I don’t want to take the time to learn it. Besides, my old phone, the one I’ve had forever—I know its ins and outs. My old phone is more comfortable to deal with.

As I was praying about this (yes, I prayed about my phone, don’t judge me), Jesus quietly reminded me that He often gets treated like my iPhone.

Look, He has to work with what I give Him, and sometimes, it ain’t a lot…

You have what some consider a pearl in that phone and you treat it like an unwanted rock. You keep it around because you have to and you know you’d be in trouble if you didn’t use it but you don’t really want to know all that can it do to make your life better.

A pearl, really?

The parable of the pearl of great price is in Matthew 13:44. Basically a merchant finds this “pearl of great price” and once he does, he sells everything he has to purchase it. The pearl, as I have been taught, is Jesus, walking in relationship with Him, etc. and we are the merchant who gives up everything to have Him. But what if the merchant bought the pearl and then threw it in a drawer?

A lot of people treat Jesus in the same way. He’s “fire insurance” or He’s left over from those Catholic school days. He’s the occasional (or every, for some) Sunday morning. He’s Christmas and Easter. He’s to be used when we need Him—in sickness or worry or fear we give Him a call but other than that, we keep Him in a drawer until we need Him again.

Hear me: He is always there even if we treat Him like my unwanted iPhone. And He always continues to listen, love and answer us who call upon Him because it His nature to do so. He doesn’t say, “I’m being neglected (or used)! I’m outta here!” It’s not His way. He is always for us and is always waiting to go deeper. I would challenge you however if you have found yourself treating Jesus like an accessory, to be used when you see fit, perhaps it’s time to view Him as a necessity.

Too, He understands that using the “old phone” is easy (you know, calling those old patterns of behavior, the easy fixes, etc.) in our flesh but He has deeper healing and richer experiences than those old ways. And He knows that His ways take some learning, that it takes time for us know all the stuff He can bring into our lives. But, beloved, He is so willing to go through the tutorial with you.

Ok, I’ve killed this metaphor. And I apologize if it doesn’t make sense—it was like a light bulb went on for me! But what do you think?

BTW if you want to do some deeper reading on that parable, I found a study by Dave Edmonds that turns the traditional teaching on its head and I kinda dig it. Check it out: The Pearl of Great Price.