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Amendment One: WWJD?


I cannot express how much I don’t want to write this blog. I hate politics. I find it as useless to talk about as I do religion. It’s complicated and messy and opinionated… It makes my skin crawl.

Amendment One

I’ve been ignoring the “debate” among my friends on Facebook because (in my opinion) the Facebook isn’t the right forum for intelligent discussion. Pontificating? Absolutely, but not an actual sharing of ideas.  Oh, and it’s a great tool to wound others.

So, in this vein, I was recently reading a friend’s FB status on Amendment One. She gave her opinion and encouraged her friends to do some research regarding it. For those not in the know, Amendment One would change the North Carolina state constitution by defining what a “valid” domestic union in North Carolina would be. It reads:

Constitutional amendment to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.

You can imagine the heated, emotional response this is causing. And this post is NOT about how you should vote, it is however, beloved, about how you should act.

Back to my friends’ Facebook.

It exploded in downright meanness. NOT my friend’s intention by the way. An openly gay friend of hers spoke out of his pain regarding this issue, what it’s like to not be able to be wed his partner; then a Christian friend of hers said, “Who is this person and why are you associating with him?” And that was just the beginning of the opinions and 3-sentence proclamations. I however was more caught by the attitudes behind the words. I was so hurt for the friend of my friend—his pain is real—and I am pissed off at the cruel words of my Christian brothers and sisters. This meanness is not WWJD!

Dear ones, please hear me. The point I want to make about Christians taking a “stand” on issues is that while it maybe important, Jesus clearly said, “They will know you are Mine by your love” NOT your ability to take a stand.

Truth in love, brothers and sisters… Truth in love requires relationship, by the way, it means getting messy and dealing with “stuff” for the long term. And so many of us would rather live by lawn signs and bumper stickers, by 3-sentence proclamations and voter’s ballots.

Please, beloved, be very careful when thrusting your Christian beliefs on the non-Christian. The mandates and instruction in the scriptures are to the CHURCH not society as a whole, remember that… Jesus wants to change individuals (starting with His followers) who will impact their society for good and healing, not change laws to force others to comply.

So, Amendment One, what would Jesus do? He’d tell my friend’s friend that He loves him and his partner and He desires relationship with them both. He’d tell my Christian sister who said, “Who is this person and why are you associating with him?” that “that person” is a loved human being that He died for, just like her, and that “associating with him” is what He has called His followers to do.  And He’d tell my friend that how she loves is more important to Him than how she votes. (But I know she already knows that)

Jesus doesn’t give us a “how to” regarding politics (other than give to Caeser what is his and to pray for those in political leadership). Not all Christians are Republicans or conservative or live in a democracy for that matter. However, He is crystal clear regarding how to treat others: the branches are to reflect the Vine.

So as we go forward, remember this: We love because He first loved us… 1 John 4: 19.

I look forward to your comments.