Michael Jackson and Jesus


Last night, much to my teen daughter’s * delight * we watched the Michael Jackson movie This is It. And I loved the trip down memory lane where the Jackson 5 glittered my childhood with happy songs and Michael came into his own in my teen years making me dream of emotional boys who’d sing to me someday.

Now, many of you have your opinions of MJ, and while I love you more than my luggage, I don’t care what they are. I loved him. But can we agree on some things:

  • He was talented
  • He was troubled
  • He was used

As I watched the movie last night I was struck by his handsome face so altered by plastic surgery, his frail form, his inability to catch his breath at times… It actually angered me to watch these people around him sing his praises and yet all seemed to ignore how sick he was. Did they not see? Or were they so enraptured with Michael Jackson: The Legend they didn’t see the man?

As I pondered this I was reminded that my loving God was neither impressed by nor turned off by the King of Pop. Jesus saw the man who held inside a wounded and exploited child and a broken, lost adult. And He loved him.

Jesus will take anybody.

I had a friend once tell me his biggest issue with Jesus is that He’ll take anybody. It’s true. Jesus didn’t bleed out on the shame of the cross so we could decide gets to come to the mercy seat—He died once, for all, no restrictions, no strings attached. All who come to Him get accepted. Period. You may not like but it ain’t about you, kitten. (Well, it is because you couldn’t get in if it were up to you no matter how great you are.)

Did Michael Jackson die “knowing” Jesus? I don’t know. Christian singer Andre Crouch would say yes. But I do think he lived without Him. And that makes me sad.

We as Christians are so worried about getting people in the gate of Heaven that I wonder if we are missing the point. Jesus died to restore us to the Father in THIS life as much as in the next. Jesus offers peace, restoration, and comfort in this lifetime. And the fruit of His spirit in our lives is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Who doesn’t want more of that?!

The point of this blog isn’t necessarily about Michael Jackson per se. He wasn’t in my realm of influence but I do have people in my life that could really use more of Jesus. And the only way they get that is through me loving them (not witnessing or pointing out their flaws).  Jesus said y’all would know I’m His by my love.

So, I’m listening to Michael Jackson music today and asking Jesus to give me a heart that LOVES the people He puts in my life—no matter how odd they are or uncomfortable they make others (or me). I want to love like He loves—and that is hard but if I have His spirit in me and trust Him to lead me, He will give it to me.

Love God, love others and shake your body down to the ground!


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  1. I’m finally getting around to reading this post. Interestingly I see a theme in your last few posts of “love first”. Well, that’s the 2 word summary anyway. I love how God reinforces his messages with repetition until it solidifies and becomes a part of us. I’d love to hear how you have been affected by this revelation (and maybe I am by reading your posts).


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