Do boys love Jesus?


This week I’ve been meditating on the imago dei (God’s image). And who we are as His beloved, created in His image. As a woman, I see the world differently than a man (and that’s on purpose). I love how I am made–I love that woman is the crown of His creation. That God showed Adam his need for Eve. That God chooses to love scandalous women (starting with Eve) thoroghout the bible. And I love how Jesus treated the women of His day–with equality, dignity and compassion when it was simply not done. Jesus is a feminist.

Now, I also relate to God easily as Father and to Jesus as Lover of my soul. I have experienced Him rocking me to sleep when in the deepest despair. And I think it’s because as a woman I uniquely relate to Him as male. The strength, comfort and safety a man can provide… And I believe He chose male to represent Himself for a reason (for one, it highlights the uniqueness of woman). Anyway, what I’m curious about as I reflect on how woman uniquely shines the imago dei is how men relate to Jesus as they reflect the imago dei.

Jesus was a  guy’s guy. His inner circle was seriously rough. And again, He did that on purpose. Having a close-knit group of guy friends was important to Him. And God chooses marriage as the living metaphor for His relationship with us. Jesus refers to the church as His bride. Given these two sides, how does an average  man see himself as the imago dei? How  does he relate to Jesus, Lover of souls? 

Tell me, I’m curious. How do boys love Jesus?


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  1. Stephanie,
    Thanks for posting about this. I have wondered the same thing myself. Let’s hear from the guys out there!!


  2. Here goes, Steph : As a “boy” , I love/relate to God as an initiator, the Ultimate Mentor, the brother I never had, and the pursuer of my heart ( think The Godchasers : God lets us chase Him as a small child “chases” dad around the backyard ..then He catches us – He was the one in pursuit all along.
    More recently, I have begun to view/reflect upon God’s perpetual pursuit of man as a Cosmic Justification of you-all women folks’ desire for a man who will continue to “pursue ” you long after the caterers have put everything back in the van and gone home. Until lately, I have thought of this as a bizarro-world paradox or a thinly veiled ego trip. ” Hold on there, Watson” , God now seems to say, ” there is a divine precedent for this mysterious behavior …”

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