Everyone needs a vacation!


oh, Day 10 how I have waited for you.

It was an average day. My work computer is finally up and running so I can do my job, the food stuff was fine and I spent the evening laughing with some of my favorite people.

Aside from my Day 9 meltdown and a few hiccups along the way I think it was a successful exercise. I was reminded that this relationship with Jesus requires effort, commitment, and doing on my part.

Me and Jesus are not in the honeymoon of our relationship. And while He is ever faithful and present, sometimes, I check out on us. I get to doing my own thing. And every day is not an adventure, some are just average.

And that’s okay because that’s why there’s vacation time.

It may sound odd but this fast was a sort of vacation for me and God. Vacations are intentional times away with the ones we love to new places. Vacations never run smoothly: there’s always complaining, something important gets left unpacked (kind of like not preparing the right food ahead of time) and there is at least one meltdown. Vacations are where memories are made and shared and retold to friends and family who weren’t there.

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time.

I hope the daily postcards were at least entertaining. Remember, if He loves me (and I’m a hot mess) imagine how He feels about you.

Now, as is always the case when you return home, I need a vacation from my vacation.

I’m  going out for sushi.


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