Fat Vegans


What do a fat vegan and the Easter Bunny have in common?

THEY AREN’T REAL. Wanna know why? Because their food sucks.

At Day 9 I have reached my breaking point. I was hoping to finish well but Day 9 found me saying this to God: If I have to eat one more bean, legume, nut or fiber-licious fruit, I’m gonna lose I’m crap. Seriously? I need cheese. I need a piece of bread. You know how I’m feeling? I feel like saying, “Suck you, beans!” (Note to reader: I did not say suck….) WHY would anyone choose this life? I don’t understand it. I would rather be hungry than continue to do this thing that doesn’t satisfy me.

What was that? I felt like the Holy Spirit hit me with a brick. Say it again. “I’d…rather be hungry than continue to do this thing that does not satisfy me.”


I think we’ve found the point of my fast.

I try to satify myself with a lot of things that aren’t eternal. Some aren’t even good, much less godly. And it is time that I become more mindful, more intentional, more diligent to choose the eternal things that satisfy. To believe God’s promises for me and stop trying to make things happen–I do my own thing too much.

I  finished Day 9 praising God for His willingness to teach this hot-headed, stiff-necked, opinionated pain-in-the-ass. Try as I might, I cannot escape His love. 

I made guacamole and pasta for lunch. I roasted vegetables for dinner and made couscous to go with it. And I reminded myself all day that God provides the things that truly satisfy. And being hungry for more of His stuff is always better.

One more day.


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