Drag queens and knowing your place


Day 8

I usually don’t hop on the “Send this email/post this to your status” bandwagon. It’s not that I don’t want to see you all blessed by God, I just don’t think that my forwarding it on to 10 of my friends really accomplishes His purpose. I know, I’m such a kill joy.

However, yesterday I reposted a Facebook status that had you lie about how you met me–it was awesome. Funny and creative. It was a great exercise. But 2 of the posts got me thinking if I’m really an “effective Christian.”

(I know, “HOW does she get to these places?” It’s a gift.)

I have friends who are seriously, outrageously opposed to Jesus (and some who seriously, outrageously love Him, too) and some who have been introduced but are still playing hard to get. And I love all of them. When I see them I see how amazing they are, how blessed I am to have them… And they know I genuinely care about them.

They all know I love Jesus (and a few love me back in spite of it). And I openly walk out life with them–I will pray with and/or for them but I don’t ever ask, “Would you like to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?” I mean, other than my kids, I’ve never ushered anyone into the Kingdom.

Am I a bad Christian?

I mean, I learned a long time ago that I am not called to reap. I sow. I am called to love others (ok, we all are but stay with me) where they are for the season they are brought into my life. But sometimes I wonder, am I doing any good?

As I was fretting over this, God brought back a flood of memories: the transvestite drag queen who sat with us during a bachlorette party and talked about his new butt implants that were terribly done and how God stopped  loving him a long time ago; the Army boys in college who would drink beer while I sipped a soda and tried to convince me that Jesus doesn’t want slackers like them. The drunk woman whose truck hit a car at the intersection where I was pumping gas. Her 3 year old neice (unbuckled and not wearing pants) was inside. The police let me put the baby in my car, take her to the hospital, be there while the doctors checked her out and watch her while her mother was found. And I got to go back into the trauma room and pray with the woman…Jesus loves you but this has to stop. I  know, she replied.

I never saw any of these people again. And that’s ok.

I think Jesus wants me to be faithful to who He brings in my life–drag queens and worship leaders alike. To not worry about how my life compares to fill-in-the-blank Christian brother or sister. And that’s hard. I see the fruit in others’ lives much easier than I see it in mine. I make this Christian walk harder than He intends it to be, I think.

Love God, love people. I’m gonna do that today.


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  1. Oh Steph, that brought tears to my eyes. I see His heart in yours, and I”m pretty sure others do too even if they don’t recognize it at the time. Someday those seeds you are planting all over the place are going to bloom into something spectacular.

  2. You know why I love you so much wiseman? Its because you love Jesus and I dont but you still love me. To accept those for who they are and not judge or try to convert or lead into whatever light there may be, that is what I believe Jesus would want (if I believed in Jesus, of course). Its been awhile since I read the bible but I dont think it says you’re a bad christian if you dont meet a quota.

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