You’re kinda useless


Day 7

I killed my work computer late Monday afternoon. So, yesterday I was limited to emailing and being on phone calls. I hated it.

My job is very interconnected to my other coworkers; when a back up happens it slows everyone down and/or it adds more work to those on my team.  However, I was completely unable to participate yesterday.

And I hate feeling useless.

I never realized how much I loathe the idea of  having nothing of value to offer until yesterday. I value having a purpose. It defines me.

But having a purpose is dependent on moving in a direction–my all-stop yesterday felt like a screeching halt. The times in my life when I have struggled with purpose were times where I felt stuck and or like I was going around in circles.

My son is about to graduate high school and I smile when he talks about “Senioritis” and wanting to “get on with it”. He’s wants his life to have a bigger purpose than high school, than being stuck where he’s at. And he gets frustrated when I tell him be patient, it’s coming. I see his bright future, he just sees being stuck

Today, I pray that I am always useful to my Maker. That I trust Him when He says, “I know the plans I have for you…” because He sees my future and my hope.

We are created to be interconnected to each other and to have purpose in each others’ lives. We all need Tech Support from time to time.

(I have mine on speed dial)


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