Braveheart learns about freedom


Day 6.

Remember in Braveheart when William Wallace screams to his army, “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom!” That was me against a crescent roll last night.

Temptation was really present yesterday–I’m getting bored with this food and for me boredom is always a stepping stone for rebellious (at least selfish) behavior.

I thought to myself, “It’s one roll. I have the freedom to eat that…”

True. I do. Breaking this fast isn’t going to compromise my salvation.  I mean, Jesus will be let down by it but I know He won’t leave me or “punish me” for it. In fact, His love for me is so brazen that He’ll love me and forgive me without thinking twice about it.

But what does my freedom profit me if it only serves to feed my fleshly desires? Does the expression of my freedom honor the love Jesus lavishes me with? Does it reflect His nature? Or do I just look like every other person out there?

I know I cannot out-sin His love for me. I know that my freedom is freely given and is never taken away. Jesus doesn’t do take-backs.

But in spiritual maturity, don’t I need to move into a freedom that reflects Him and His desires instead of my own. William Wallace could have lived in a limited freedom of being a noble (even offered the crown of Scotland) and had fine life of his own, but he chose to walk out his freedom in a way that made others free.

I want to do that.

Just without the  blue facepaint….


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