Less you, more Jesus, Wiseman


Day 2 of the Daniel Fast has come and gone and it was fine. Except for the under ripe avacado I had at lunch, I didn’t struggle with being hungry. I’m still thirsty but it’s fine.

We had dinner (split pea soup, some hummus and pita bread) and everything went well.  Margot was teasing us about the fact that she got to eat sourdough bread with her dinner, to which she got a “Less you, more Jesus, Wiseman…” from me and she stopped with a playful grin.

We finished our dinner, came home, watched a little TV; I read my book, chatted with Jesus and was in bed by 10:3o with the contented thought to Him that I will have sourdough again.

And then it hit me. I haven’t changed anything. Sure, I’m eating more fruit and vegetables but my spritual life hasn’t been altered this week. I’m not acitively walking this thing out. I didn’t seek answers regarding my thrist. I just went on about my business. And I don’t think God is impressed with my diet makeover.

He has stuff for me in this and I am not asking for it enough! I am not allowing hunger to linger (I just eat an orange). I am not making the effort. And I value actions. I take what you do way over what you say. I’m sure there’s some sort of 5 Love Language thing in there but as that book is “popular Christian,” I didn’t read it.

Anyway, as someone who values actions over words, my actions toward Jesus in this are pretty lame. I am not loving Him well at all. He’s asked me to do something and I’m taking a meh approach to it. I’m more worried about (and elated to know) the sourdough.

So, today I am meditating about actions (we’ll have to circle back on the thirst thing). Specifically, how I love others. How I have been (or not been) loved. The value I place on actions over words–and why. And what actions Jesus wants to do in (and produce from) my life.

 So, day 2=a shift in thinking and behavior.

Less sourdough, more Jesus, Wiseman…


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  1. Great job being sensitive to God’s leading! Sounds like He was definitely poking you. Can’t wait to see what He’s going to do with the rest of the fast!

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