Insatiable Thirst


Day 1 of the Daniel Fast went well. I didn’t struggle with being hungry however I was thirsty. I couldn’t get enough water.

Oh, and I was also seriously disappointed with the hummus I have so I need to remedy that.

Now, if you’re looking for some great insight God dropped in my lap, you’re going to be disappointed. There wasn’t one. There were a-ha moments for me but I still feel like we are just packing up the car for this ride.

I make my daughter’s lunch every morning. (Yes, she’s 16 and capable of doing it herself but it–along with making her coffee when she knows I don’t drink it–are ways in which I serve her). Without thinking, I almost made myself a bowl of cereal, came to my senses and then almost poured myself a glass of milk to have instead! (Remember, no dairy on this fast). So, I stopped and just started talking to Lord. It made making Margot’s lunch (filled with everything I can’t eat) almost joy-filled. I was so happy to just make this thing I knew would make her happy instead of focusing on what I can’t have.

God did clearly speak in that moment that if I take Him (intentionally) with me I can serve anyone in any situation. I don’t know why this is relevant–yet.

Too, God once again highlighted that my happy-go-lucky-attitude is not always the awesome I think it is. I am going to fail miserably at this if I don’t start planning my meals. Winging it isn’t working for me–or Him apparently.

I’m also praying about the thirst. Now, I completely understand that my body is reacting to the fast–I drink a lot of soda and have a lot of sodium in my diet. The lack of it is causing my body to balance out. However, I also want spiritual lessons so I’ve asked God to show me the significance of it. What is the difference (if there even is one) between hungering for Him and having an insatiable thirst?  

Day 2 is upon us and, again, I’m realizing this is NOT about quick answers.  So, hop in the car kids, we’re hittin’ the road……


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  1. Stephanie, I’m proud of you for doing this fast! You are a much braver (and obedient!) woman than I am. It’s so great to hear your love for your daughter pouring out as you’re serving her in the mornings. That’s wonderful!! And whatever we do to the least of these we’re doing for Him, right? So as your serving her you’re definitely serving God! What a whammy!

    I know the feeling of the “I can never ever possibly drink enough water!” when I take Zyrtec for seasonal allergies I could drink a gallon of water a day and still feel like I will die of thirst. It’s a horrible feeling!

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