The Fast and the Furious


I loathe all things popular Christian.

Purpose Driven Life? No thanks, I’ve got one. The Shack? Don’t even get me started… And if I could find one, I’d sport a bumper sticker that says, “Dear God, please save me from a Promise Keeper.”

The last couple of years the Daniel Fast has moved into the popular Christian realm. The premise is that you fast like Daniel did–fruits, vegetables and water–for 10, 21 or 40 days. Many people do start on Lent. The hope is that in this time of sacrifice you hear more clearly God’s voice because you’re pressing into Him to get through eating rabbit food.

My pastor and several friends do this fast regularly and have incredible testimonies behind their experiences. That’s great for them and I usually smile and wish them well, content in my self-awareness that I don’t need rabbit food to hear my Jesus well. (And of course in my self-righteous, I’m too cool for that attitude but we won’t acknowledge that just yet.)

About 2 weeks ago, I asked God what can I do for Him. What would He like me to bring to our relationship. I try to do this regularly because it helps remind me that our relationship isn’t all about me. It’s a pisser but it’s true. 

Immediately He said the Daniel Fast.

Awesome. Oh, and He impressed that it would not be easy for me but well worth it because He intends to take me to the threshing floor.

Can’t I just tithe more?

I have prayed for days for confirmation hoping that I heard wrong and was off the hook.  I have whined, repented of my bad attitude toward the fast (and even the Shack); I have thrown my head back and whined some more: I do NOT want to do this. Sadly, I am not off the hook.

And as part of this journey, He wants me to blog about it (look if I have to suffer, so do you).  So, here’s the plan, kids: 10 days starting Wednesday March 9th (the first day of Lent) me and two of my girlfriends are riding this horse.  I will talk about the day to day journey of it and share truthfully what I feel God is showing/revealing/highlighting in it. As is always the goal of this blog, I hope you see if He is in crazy love with me (and I’m a mess) loving you is a cake walk.

So, saddle up and let’s see what happens.

Oh, and pray for me–I fear I will be hateful without carbs.


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  1. dude. I’m so not riding the religion bus – lent starts today?? had no idea. Godspeed! I know you can do it. and that we’ll get some awesome FB statuses all the way!

  2. So I guess a trip to Golden Corral is no longer an option ….
    But sorta seriously though, if I was a believer, I know Jesus would tell me to “do” the Daniel – I mean, even he would think my butt is too big…

    love ya wiseman-

  3. Grrrrr, I’ve actually been fighting the Daniel Fast order for like 6 months! I’ll ride with ya Steph. May God have mercy on the DMV cause the first two days without sugar and bread are gonna be ugly!

  4. I did a 9 day fast once with only a glass of fruit juice at every mealtime. That was my condition when God told me to do the fast; the boys were very little and I had to cook all their meals, drive them to school…give them baths. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Get me to tell you about it sometime.

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