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Jesus saves the damn cat


3 weeks ago our indoor cat, Tyson, got out. You can read about him here. And contrary to popular belief, I did not jump for joy. Not because I love the cat but because I love my daughter who was devastated by it.

We’ve been hit by some hard times, me and my girl. Since March, the crap storm has sprayed us pretty good and the last thing she needed was to lose her cat. It felt a little like insult to injury.

My promise in week one of “He’ll come home…” turned into a weakly encouraging “We’ll find him…” which turned into a lying, “He’s fine…someone is taking care of him…” because I really thought he was coyote food. I mean, I was asking God to bring him home but I’m a realist–Tyson is like an actor on the CW…he’s too pretty to be street material.

So this last Saturday, while at the dumpster cleaning out my car, I wasn’t expecting a miracle. As I was finishing up, I remembered I didn’t shut the back of my car. I turned around to close it and just then a young man stepped out of the townhouse directly in front of me. And a tiny orange cat was at his feet.

The look on my face as a started to walk toward this boy made him utter, “No way…”

“That… That’s my cat… You have my cat…” I sputtered in disbelief.

In disbelief, he sputtered back, “No way, we, like,  just found him…”

Now, here’s the thing, I don’t believe in coincidence. And while I try very hard NOT to spiritualize everything–it’s like Freud said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar–or is it an umbrella? Whatever the metaphor, somethings are just waht they are… but others? Pretty damned obvious–Jesus brought my cat back.

That specific moment, specific place, specific time? Not a coincidence. It is however totally God. It’s completely like Him to be surprising and perfect in His timing–and to show off in a way that makes me remember exactly who’s in charge around here.

Does Jesus love the cat? Well, I think God is more of a dog person but that’s just me… I do know however He loves my girl and the things that matter to her heart matter to Him.

She’s 15, almost 16, and I know she wonders, “Does He listen? Does He care? Is He what my mom says He is? Can He be trusted in my life?”

She needs to make her faith her own, to have her own stories of His faithfulness.And I have been praying for Him to become “real” to her. For Him to speak to her heart in a way that shows her who He is.  And I would have never thought that He’d use a lost cat, too pretty to find his way home, to reveal Himself to her. Jesus gave Margot her own God story–she prayed, He heard. She asked and He moved. 

God IS in the details of our lives and we so often miss it! I hope Margot knows that His eye is on her, that Saturday morning He orchestrated the return of something precious to her because He loves her.

It certainly was a good reminder to me–if God will save a cat, He obviously has a point to make. And the point? We are the apple of His eye. He sees, He hears, and He moves.

I pray we in turn would have eyes that see Him back!


Pistol Packin’ Poodles


Recently, I was driving with my daughter when we saw a car with 2 bumper stickers on it. The first read, “I’m NRA and I vote” and the other said, “I heart Poodles.” I turned to my daughter and said, “Ya think the poodles are packin’ too?”

Later, I was still giggling about this extremely conflicted person. When it hit me, we are all pistol packin’ poodles.

(I know, it’s scary how my mind works)

Colossians 3  talks about this. That place where the B.C. version of us (in this analogy, the NRA voter) and the new creation in Christ (poodle-loving pacifist) duke it out for the rule and reign of our behavior.

Verse 7 says: You used to do these things when your life was still part of this world. Verse 10 says: Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like Him.

And I say, “used to” is still alive and well in my life. 

I’ll be honest, I still want my cake and eat it too (sidenote, this saying confuses me…of course I want to eat the cake, why have cake if you’re not going to eat it?  but I digress…). I want to have bits and pieces of the B.C. Steph and marry it to the new creation. I want to be a cool Christian who gets to be embraced by the world and loved by Jesus… I want to hate the sin, love the sinner (which usually means not mentioning/confronting/dealing with the Lists in verses 5 -9). I want to be a pistol packin’ poodle princess!

*insert stomping foot here*

Funny thing though… Trying to live on both sides of the fence rarely works out for the poodle.

This A.D. life with Jesus is about choosing to stay in your yard. Choosing to “put to death the sinful, earthly things lurking within you” (verse 5). And I know the things lurking in me, there aren’t enough NRA voters out there to put it all down.

so… I’m walking away reflective today–am I loving others where they are while speaking truth in love? Am I truly choosing to live for Christ and be an example of what His love can do… or am I trying to fit in with 2 places–the World and the Kingdom? If the first, I can be used by Jesus in the lives of others–in a rich and meaningful way (not just a me and Julio hangin’ in the schoolyard kind of way) If the latter, I will be ineffective in the doing and foolish in the viewing.

The next time you try to pack your poodle and pistol, remember the wise words of the Baha men: Who let the dogs out? And get back in the yard.

(That song in your head? It’s a gift 😉 C’mon, sing it with me, Who? Who? Who? Who let the dogs out?…….)