Sin is like a butt-licking cat


I recently got a job working from home. I love it which is a bit of a surprise because if you know me, you know I am not a homebody.  I’m loving the work but I also really like being home with my daughter and even having the animals around. Everyone should take their dog to work.

However, the cat….

I am not a cat person. And our little boy cat vacillates from calm to crazy in 3.2 seconds and constantly baits the 60 lb. pit bull into roughhousing. He is…a challenge.

I’ve had to get used to him constantly in my office (my bedroom). Sometimes he’s hiding under my bed or laying in front of the bathroom or standing on my desk trying to steal my pens.

But I have gotten used to him being around. Sometimes he startles me–he attacks my feet unprovoked or runs in front of me with a meow causing me to  trip–but usually he just hangs around, acting like he owns the joint. It’s ok–he’s a cat. What do you expect?

However, the other day I turned around to him laying on my unmade bed, by my pillow, one leg in the air, licking his butt.


With his little pink tongue hanging out, he gave me a look that said, “What’s your problem?”

And I am stunned silent.

It’s in these moments that God usually speaks to me because He has my undivided attention.

Sin’s like that... I hear in my head.

But… but my pillow…

And He’s right, sin is like my darling, butt-licking cat. Always around. Always there to make me trip. Always a little sweet–until he bites me.  And I’m stuck with him.  I’m stuck with that crazy boy cat and I’m stuck dealing with sin in this life.

It’s a pisser but it’s the truth. And here’s another truth:

A 7 lb. cat shouldn’t be able to trip me and neither should sin.  It’s not like  either is original: they hide, lay and attack in the same places. Always. And my reaction to both is the same. I yell, “Cat!” when I trip and usually a swear word when I sin. What’s it gonna take for me to be serious about it?

Apparently a butt-licking cat.

When old temptations attack your feet, trying to make you trip–stop and see that raised leg and little pink tongue. I do now. I’m taking that visual lesson seriously. I think, “Protect your heart, guard your mind, pursue another way…and make your bed.”

God is good–see Him today!


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  1. my 12 pound cat lays on my hands while i’m writing. i’m going to assume that’s not a sign from that i should stop. however, i will never be able to watch him lick his butt the same again.

    wait. that sounded wrong…

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