Jesus wears my jersey


Anyone who knows me (or has met me between a September and February) knows that I love football. I mean, I love it. And not in a “cute boys in tight pants” kind of way. I love the game.   In high school, Shari Bundy and I went to games not to socialize but to actually watch the game. I taught my son how to throw a ball (not well, but still…).

And I have a deep love for quarterbacks.

I was at Washington State when Ryan Leaf took us to the Rose Bowl and then promptly became the Brian Bosworth of NFL quarterbacks. I’ve totally broken up with Ben Rothlesberger (over sexed jackass) in recent years and Kurt Warner will always hold a special place in my heart (even if he is going to embarrass himself on DWTS–really, Kurt?). However, my devotion has always been and will always be with Peyton Manning.

Archie’s boy has a rocket for an arm and an ability to lead on the field. He is the smartest quarterback ever (I think). He is truly one of the greats… How can you not love him?

So, this week as I’m getting out my Colts jersey, sharing my giddiness with Jesus (because we really do talk about everything) I hear Him firmly state, “He doesn’t know who you are.”

Dude, why you gotta be so mean?

But He’s right and in seconds, He unfolds truths in my mind like:

Peyton Manning doesn’t know your name–and never will. But I do (Exodus 33:15-17). He does not count your tears. But I do (Psalm 56:8).  He does not have a plan for you. But I do (Jeremiah 29:11). And he does not love you. But I do–desperately (John 3:16).

Our lives reflect the things we love.  And while I love the game, it does not deserve my worship. Peyton Manning didn’t die for me. And the idea that someone in my life may know I love Manning before they know I love Jesus makes me cringe.

So, this season when I don my Colts’ jersey or throw my hands up at a football play, I will say a prayer of worship to the One who truly deserves it.

Jesus wears my jersey. In all things, at all times, He is for me. And I should be wearing His too. Always.

Let our lives reflect the One we love and who loves us!


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