The Truth About Timing Belts


Yesterday I was once again reminded that shit happens. It does. And when it does it usually hits the fan, sprays everywhere and gets on everything. And yesterday, it got all over my car’s timing belt.

I have been unemployed since March and as part of my job search, I’ve decided to cast a wide net and see where God wants me. Yesterday I had an interview at a software company in Greensboro. (Greensboro is an hour and 20 minutes west of Raleigh where I live).

It was a bit of a drive (but not bad) and it was early (9 a.m. interview) and, as is my usual modus operandi, I got lost on the way. No worries, I thought, I will just turn around. I have plenty of time.

So, I’m idling in the turn lane, my blinker happily clicking, “I’m turning left, I’m turning left, I’m turning left.” The light changes, I begin to turn and my car turns off. Just stops. And it won’t restart.

Huh. Well, that sucks.

Now, while I’d love to tell you I embraced the situation immediately, however there was a moment of rapid-fire prayer that went like this:

Seriously?! Please don’t do this to me… I don’t have the money. I need help! I’m in Greensboro! I need a job! God! Come on!

But traffic was waiting on me so I had to stop “praying” and push Betty (my car) through the intersection. In high heels. Up hill. And it was 82 already.

We have now reached

In the following 2 hours this happened: my friend Henry who lives in the ‘Boro as it were and who is an auto body guy, hooked me up with a tow truck and a mechanic he trusts who firmly diagnosed Betty with a broken timing belt. Henry took off from work to help me with all of this with a “just take care of her” blessing from his normally-cranky-boss-man Marv. And Henry took my sister (who drove from Raleigh to get me) and I out to lunch (Sushi. Because sushi makes me happy).

Ok, so Henry was there. My sister was there. But where was Jesus? I mean, if God loved me, wouldn’t He have shown it by not letting the timing belt break? If He loved me, wouldn’t He see what I needed was the interview more than sushi time with Henry and my sister? If He loved me, wouldn’t He have been there and made it all just not happen?

Shit happens, kitten. It’s in the bible. Matthew 5:45 says, “For He gives His sunlight to both the evil and the good, and He sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.” And how we (His kids) handle it, that matters to Him.

Timing belts break (especially if you don’t properly take care of your car). That’s a fact. The other fact? God is always good and works all things for good for those who love Him (that’s in the bible too–Romans 8:28).

My timing belt was going to break. And the God of the universe, who loves me  beyond my comprehension,  made sure He orchestrated the “perfect” break.

I was driving (not my 15 year old daughter). I was practically stopped–so no  engine damage and I didn’t lose control of my car and injure someone. I was 10 minutes away from a friend who could help me immediately versus  stuck on I-40 or  between towns and/or without cell phone service. I was completely taken care of…

Tragedy…pain…broken timing belts happen sometimes. And we have 2 choices. Whine (which I did some of) and question, “why me?!” OR look for God.

When the shit happens, and it does to all of us, He puts on waders and walks His kids through it. Pay attention to how He shows up because when it hits the fan, He does.

I got to experience God yesterday. He helped me avoid a major disaster and get my neglected car fixed (thanks to my sister’s giving heart and Henry’s proximity and knowledge of all things auto).

And I got to have sushi… God is good.


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  1. Wow, just wow. What an amazing explanation of an issue that everyone struggles with from time to time. I love your attitude and your heart.

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