Monthly Archives: May 2010

Being intentional


This week I went to Su Soutter’s coupon class. If you’re in my area, you should take it. If you’re not, at least check out her blog.

Now, I’m not a homemaker in the traditional sense (you know, those women who irritate the rest of us with their well-kept houses, well-behaved children and home-cooked meals) so the idea of coupon class was a great idea but I just knew I’d never really do it…

And then I lost my job.

Suddenly cutting coupons became very practical. Too God clearly spoke to me while I was praying about what to do to survive this unemployment and said to take Su’s class.

I was hoping He’d say buy a lottery ticket…

So, I take this class and Su is amazing. Full of energy and laughter, Su makes you feel like you can do this crazy coupon thing and takes all of the mystery out of it–it’s not just for those women. So somebody warn Kroger because I’ve been clipping!

But also¬† I walked away with something else–the desire to be intentional.

I take pride in being flexible. I’m a roll-with-the-punches kinda girl (but I do like a plan, so go figure) but as Su spoke about having an intentional home,¬† I realized that I need more intention in how I structure my life. That my roll-with-it attitude has cost me time. I’m still waiting for certain things to happen because I am not acting with intention.

And I realized why God wanted me to take this class. One to save money (Gos is practical after all), but also I need to get it together regarding the way I’m moving. He has a plan for me and my lax attitude is costing us both. He acts with intention toward me, I need to do the same toward Him.

This blog is the beginning of my renewed intention to pursue the things (and people) I love, be accountable in that endeavor and to stay the course God wants me on.

Because in the end my deepest desire is to live a life that reflects the love of Jesus and to do that I need to walk like I’m going somewhere important.